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"In order to create a massive transformation, it is always necessary a certain individual undertakings.
Let’s talk about the importance of women's role in the transmission of machismo.

To achieve through a fun artistic creation, carried out by personalities of the Colombian cultural world, a reflection on the machismo in our society, I think it is a very good opportunity to advance and to be involved in the development of this topic.

With "Machos, Babe's stories" program, I seek to offer foundations, NGOs, associations, companies, social leaders, public officials and operators, students and teachers, women and men, adolescents and adults, protection on the topic of machism and its social consequences: teenage pregnancies, intrafamily violence, among many other oppressive situations that women live in their daily lives.

MACHISM: "Ideology that considers the masculine sex superior to the feminine,                                    which means some marginalization of women in society. "                                                                                                                            Gran Espasa Dictionary

It is a further step in the process that is being experienced at the national and international level, about the awareness of talking about the value of women, and their respect.

We know that women and men need to overcome this social oppression (the machism one) to assert themselves in their capacities and thus to achieve progress in their projects of life.

Perhaps reflection on women's education will be raised.

Being involved in  our populations development in terms of the individual and social improvement, is for me the object of this artistic creation

I am fully convinced that personal change generates collective impacts."
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